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SureSmile Aligner Orthodontic Treatment

Champions Dentistry SureSmile Aligner Orthodontic Treatment

Crowded and misaligned teeth are a highly common issue that many patients want corrected. Besides the obvious issues of esthetics, orthodontic instability is associated with an increased risk of periodontal disease as well as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD). Properly aligned teeth provide functional benefits that lead to higher comfort and long-term dental success.

 SureSmile Aligner Orthodontic Treatment

Whether you’ve dealt with crowding your whole life or your teeth have relapsed into misalignment after previous orthodontic treatment, clear aligners are an excellent way to provide the correction that you need. Like the well known Invisalign system, SureSmile Aligner is an invisible system of retainers that methodically shift your teeth into the proper position.

The diagnostic process uses clinical photographs, a panoramic x-ray and 3D digital models of your teeth to gather information about your case. Dr. Reagan and Dr. Rooney review this information in conjunction with an orthodontist and then devise your treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will be reviewed with you prior to wearing your first tray, so you will be able to discuss the proposed results and length of treatment with your doctor. Once you begin treatment, we will monitor your progress with periodic check ups to make sure that your teeth are moving as planned.  

While most cases in our office range from 10-12 months, many patients report relief from their crowding symptoms (i.e. headaches, clenching, grinding, etc.) shortly after beginning treatment.

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