Dental Crowns

Champions Dentistry Dental Crowns

Crowns are restorations that cover the entire surface of the tooth with a carefully chosen biocompatible material. At Champions Dentistry, your crown will be expertly designed on high resolution digital models that are formed using our CEREC Primescan Intraoral Scanner. Once designed, the CEREC Primemill will manufacture your crown to fit the exact dimensions prescribed.

Champions Dentistry Dental Crowns

CEREC Crowns are recommended for many different situations, including:

  • Fractured teeth
  • Cavities that are too large to receive fillings
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Implant restorations
The CEREC Workflow

Dr. Reagan or Dr. Rooney will first take a detailed 3-dimensional scan of your tooth. This scan is then used as the foundation for the design of your crown. The crown is shaped according to very strict specifications to enhance its strength and longevity. Once designed, the crown will be fabricated in the CEREC Primemill using high strength diamond milling burs. Your doctor will then personally check the fit of the crown prior to bonding it onto your tooth under isolation. Our bonding protocol ensures the highest strength bond between your natural tooth and crown cement. Following bonding, excess cement is removed and any necessary adjustments are made.

Tried and True Technology

As members of, the online CEREC community, Dr. Reagan and Dr. Rooney are constantly expanding their knowledge of all things CEREC related. Dr. Reagan has even completed multiple advanced courses on CEREC through Spear Education, a premier continuing education center.

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