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At Champions Dentistry, we provide individualized treatments that aim to fulfill your desires for the health of your mouth.

Using a comprehensive approach that prioritizes your well-being is very important to us. We will always honor your time and your trust by offering high quality dentistry through state of the art technology and attentive service.

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Cosmetic dentistry is far more complex than simply placing an esthetic restoration onto a tooth. At Champions Dentistry, we understand that creating a beautiful smile consists of a meticulously performed process that considers a multitude of factors. We use full sets of clinical photographs, 3D x-rays and digital scans to plan your case with precision. Additionally, our use of computer-aided design (CAD) gives us the ability to create the symmetry and detail that will make your smile stand out. At Champions Dentistry, our doctors combine human creativity with technological accuracy to deliver predictable outcomes. We face each case head-on and develop solutions that prioritize functionality and beauty.

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Since emerging into the dental world within the last half-century, implants have become a significant force in restoring dental health. Implantation was already used for many years in other medical disciplines before being employed in dentistry. Just as in those fields, dental implants require an extraordinary amount of planning and care to succeed. Our process utilizes innovative, computer-guided systems to prepare and design implant protocols. At Champions Dentistry, every implant case undergoes a comprehensive workflow that results in a guided surgical procedure. This workflow allows us to know the position and shape of your final restoration before it gets fabricated. A combination of 3D radiography, computer-aided design and surgical precision gives us the confidence to provide you with a replacement for your missing tooth.

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Clear aligner therapy (also commonly called “Invisalign”) is a popular method used to straighten teeth. At Champions Dentistry, we use a software system called SureSmile that makes highly controlled, incremental movements to your teeth until they are properly aligned. We use a CEREC Primescan intraoral scanner to create 3D digital models of your teeth. Our doctors evaluate and measure these models in order to plan your treatment. While in SureSmile treatment, you don’t have to worry about wires or brackets. Our aligners are invisible - only you will know that they are there.

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Our office utilizes the KöR bleaching system, which consists of personalized trays with a highly effective step-by-step process that whitens teeth to your desired shade. Gone are the days of sitting beneath a painful light for an hour in order to have brighter teeth. First, we use our Cerec Primescan to create digital 3D models of your teeth. Next, we develop a set of custom trays that are fitted to deliver the perfect amount of whitening solution. This gives you a safe and controlled journey towards the level of whitening that you want. If you are concerned about sensitivity, KöR has a proprietary preventive gel that decreases discomfort and gives you an enjoyable experience.

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Our CEREC 3D imaging system is at the forefront of dental crown technology. Our efficient scanning protocol helps us to obtain highly accurate information about the shape and function of your teeth. We use a powerful intraoral scanner, the CEREC Primescan, to make a digital impression of your teeth and design a custom fitted crown specifically for your tooth. The Primescan then communicates with our CEREC Primemill to fabricate this designed crown. Our cutting-edge approach reduces the entire process down to one appointment. You will leave our office on the same day with your final restoration firmly bonded into place.

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The Galileos imaging system produces a 3-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan of your head and neck region within seconds. Most general dentistry offices will take a traditional full mouth series of x-rays that limits the field of view to only two dimensions. Visualizing vital structures such as the airway, maxillary sinuses and jaw joints helps us make more accurate diagnoses in a shorter amount of time. Many oral and maxillofacial pathologies cannot be seen on traditional x-rays, but our scanner provides the detailed imaging needed for proper diagnoses. Besides aiding in our diagnostic approach, high-resolution 3D imaging gives us the ability to assess internal tooth anatomy for root canals and to plan implant surgeries within multiple planes of view.

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